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Somaliland - I too love you!

Somaliland - I too love you!

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Qalinkaa wax suureeya,
Kugu sima halkaad doonto,
Saaxiib kal furan weeye,
Sunto fara ku hayntiisa,
Weligaa ha sii deynin.
"Sahra" - M I W Hadraawi


A Note of my teachers

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Somali Week Festival
Literature, poetry, lyrics ... love of art and its different forms

Redsea Online is an established partner with Somali Week Festival!

We promote culture and arts

Somali Week Festival is a Cultural Festival and Redsea Online is an established partner. The festival, an integral part of the Black History Month celebrations, takes place last week of October in London. The festival offers the best of Somali arts and culture, both old and new, presenting a mix of events including poetry, literature, music and panel discussions.

Through different artistic expressions, Somali Week Festival explores a variety of themes every year and has become a widely recognized and anticipated annual event in the UK, particularly among the local Somali community.

SWF is organized by Kayd Somali Arts and Culture in collaboration with Redsea Online Culture Foundation.

For further details, visit www.kayd.org.

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